Andrzej Osiński

Andrzej Osiński

PZiTS Appraiser

A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, the Institute of Hydrotechnics – Environmental Engineering. He completed postgraduate studies and foreign internships. He has many years of experience in the implementation, operation and management of water and sewage systems. Working as the Operations Director at Saur Neptun Gdańsk, he independently developed and implemented many elements significantly reforming the infrastructure operation and maintenance management system, ensuring its reliability – in accordance with modern standards. From 2012 to 2017, he worked as a director in the companies of the Ecol Group, specializing in the problems of exploitation of municipalities as well as rainwater and meltwater. PZiTS expert in the field of water supply and sewage systems in the field of operation and management – Certificate No. 1946098. Co-author and expert of the benchmarking group at IGWP. He is licensed in the sanitary specialty in the field of management of construction works without restrictions and the license to manage construction works without restrictions in the installation and engineering specialty. He has repeatedly chaired specialist missions of Saur Group experts in the optimization of operation and maintenance of facilities at home and abroad (Senegal, Lebanon, Russia). He also participated in the World Bank’s expert mission in Uzbekistan assessing the privatization possibilities of water supply and sewage services. In addition, he co-created the concept of establishing a specialist company Gdańskie Melioracje. Author of numerous industry publications, incl. in “Przegląd Komunalny” or “Gas Water and Sanitary Technology”. Currently, he independently specializes in the problems of maintaining industry infrastructure. Currently, he is also an expert of the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce – the chairman of the team of experts on rainwater and snowmelt and in a group that creates benchmarking of infrastructure companies.

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