Prof. Elżbieta Nachlik

Prof. Elżbieta Nachlik

Cracow University of Technology

Prof. Elżbieta Nachlik, PhD. Eng. is currently the director of the Institute of Engineering and Water Management at Cracow University of Technology and the head of the Faculty of Hydraulics and Hydrology.

She is an expert on water management both by profession and choice – it is not only her profession but also a hobby. She deals with water engineering and management focusing on floods and flood related matters such as flood risk assessment and management and flood protection.

Her research at the university and field work involve cooperation with various institutions in the business, local authorities as well as design, consultancy and construction companies. She is the coauthor of the first Polish methodology of flood zone assessment (as part of B.4 Component of the World Bank “Eliminating the Consequences of Floods in Poland”, 1999-2005) and also regional and local concepts, plans and designs regarding threats connected with floods and flood prevention in the Oder River and the Vistula River basins and general water management on national and international level.

It is the result of her scientific cooperation with the industry. Prof. Nachlik is the author and coauthor of over a hundred publications including a number of monographies and about 80 research and development projects and concepts in hydrodynamics of waters, water resources protection, flood prevention and water resources management mainly connected with flood risk. She has also carried out three international projects being the Polish coordinator of two of them.

She has presided over Programme Committee on water-sewage management in the office of the President of the City of Cracow for over 10 years and was the head of National Water Management Authority.
Her activities translate into the look of education at Cracow University of Technology in fields such as spatial management, environmental protection and civil construction.

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