Frédéric Jordan

Frédéric Jordan


Dr Frédéric Jordan is a civil engineer of EPFL, which he also obtained his Ph.D in science. In 2007, he co-founded Hydrique Ingénieurs (named before with Dr Philippe Heller. He is specialized in hydrological and hydraulic modelling owastjedf natural and urban basins, with a strong experience in operational hydrology and reservoir optimization.
Among its most prestigious mandates, he worked for the Changjiang Water Ressource Commission in Wuhan, China. As a Director of Hydrique Ingénieurs, he is in charge of the operational water management of Lake of Geneva and of multiple other large lakes in Switzerland. Hydrique Ingénieurs is also providing real time riverflow and hydropower forecasts for multiple hydropower operators in Switzerland, France and Austria.
Finally, Dr Frédéric Jordan is Project manager of numerous projects of stormwater and wastewater management, typically for Veolia / OTV and in Switzerland. These applications are so-called digital twins and are key systems for the dynamic regulation of storm reservoirs.

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