Jarosław Rosa

Jarosław Rosa


A graduate of the Agricultural University of August Cieszkowski in Poznań, department of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering. From the beginning of his professional career (15 years), he deals with rainwater and snowmelt, initially in the road industry (in connection with the construction of expressways and highways in Poland), and then in industrial and urban areas.

Implementing technical and programming solutions in the field of hydrodynamic modeling in sewage networks (Bentley SewerGEMS). He mainly deals with the issues of management and reuse of rainwater.

Currently, the team leader at  the Office for Water Projects of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering BIPROWODMEL Sp. z o.o.

He regularly participates in the national conference “Rainwater – legal, technical and economic aspects” organized by the ABRYS publishing house. In addition, he conducted product training of leading producers of solutions for rainwater and snowmelt management. In 2014 he also underwent a training “Hydraulic impacts in pressure networks – problems and prevention” in Israel and the on-line course “Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities”, Monash University (Australia 2015).

Author of numerous publications, including:

– Manual of good practices in water management in lowland areas – selected issues, Błachuta J., Kamiński W., Kowalczak P., Rosa J., Zgrabczyński J., BPWMiIŚ Biprowodmel Sp. z o.o. on behalf of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Poznań, Poznań 2011;

– Problems of concrete repairs of hydrotechnical constructions on the example of the sluice Morzysław and locks Gawrony on the Ślesińskie Canal, Antoszewski R., Rosa J., 2010: Materials from the 3rd scientific conference. Durability and effectiveness of repairs of buildings, Rydzyna 18-20 November 2010;

– Assessment of the needs and priorities of clearing the morphological continuity of rivers in the context of achieving good state and potential of the water body in Poland, Błachuta J., Rosa J., Wiśniewolski W., Zgrabczyński J., et al., BPWMiiŚ Biprowodmel Sp. z o.o. on the order of the President of the National Water Management Board in Warsaw, Poznań 2010;

– Manual of good practices in the preparation of environmental studies for national roads, BEiPBK EKKOM Sp. z o.o. on behalf of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Warsaw, Krakow 2008; Annex No. 5 points 4 Description of methods and means for the protection of soil and water environment, Rosa J., Zgrabczyński J.

A member of the Association of Water and Drainage Engineers and Technicians.

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