Katarzyna Zięba

Katarzyna Zięba


She graduated from law studies at the University of Gdańsk and studies at the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdańsk, specialization: Investments and Real Estate. After completing the legal adviser apprenticeship and passing the professional exam, she was entered on the list of legal advisers kept by the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk.

In his professional work, he combines the ability to apply law with a business approach to the analyzed projects.

After graduation, she was associated with a Gdańsk consulting company specializing in providing services to local government units, municipal companies and commercial enterprises. She has gained extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects, including projects financed from EU funds and Norwegian funds. He has extensive knowledge in the area of ​​local government functioning and the broadly understood municipal economy.

Involved in numerous institutional analyzes, including those related to the issue of state aid and in-house procurement.

Recently, particularly interested in the issues of PPP projects, she takes part in their preparation as an advisor to public partners.

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