Study Visit

Participation in the study visit is free of charge and available exclusively to registered participants of the STORMWATER POLAND 2023 conference.

The number of seats is limited, and registration order will be decisive.

Additional registration is required for the workshop: STORMWATER POLAND 2023 EN | Comfort of organizing events | Konfeo

At Stormwater Poland conferences, we always strive to focus on the practical aspects of stormwater management. We prefer the voices of practitioners and real project studies. With this in mind, we want to enrich the upcoming edition of the conference with a highly practical element: a field workshop where you will not only learn about the goals, assumptions, and implementation of a comprehensive rainwater project but also have the opportunity to see and experience its effects firsthand. We invite you to join us for a workshop on smart planning of investments in stormwater management, which will take place in Gliwice.

In 2023, the City of Gliwice will complete the implementation of a project titled “Construction of an Intelligent Stormwater Management System.” During the workshop, we would like to familiarize you with this project, which aims to introduce integrated management of stormwater in the city and adapt to climate change.

During the workshop, as part of the planned visits to several locations in Gliwice, you will see, among other things:

  • Newly constructed open rainwater reservoirs designed to protect the most flood-prone areas of the city.
  • Hydrological-meteorological monitoring stations collecting information on rainfall and water levels in rivers and retention basins.
  • Electronic information boards that provide residents with project information and current basic measurement data.

We highly value active participation and encourage you to engage in practical activities, such as gaining hands-on experience with modern measurement techniques and monitoring hydrological parameters and surface water quality. With your assistance, we aim to conduct measurements of water levels and flows using state-of-the-art instruments offered by our workshop partner, Nivus. We invite you to participate in the calibration of probes and the initial analysis of measurement results. Together, we will enhance awareness of measurement quality and accuracy. We kindly ask you to bring your own mobile device with an internet connection, such as a smartphone or tablet, for accessing the configuration parameters of the discussed devices.

As we recognize the increasing importance of water resource quality, we also plan to showcase devices that enable online or periodic manual measurements of physicochemical parameters in rivers and reservoirs. This allows for prompt response to deteriorating water quality.

The workshop will conclude with a presentation during which you will learn:

  • Why the City of Gliwice is implementing the rainwater project.
  • How the hydrodynamic model of the stormwater network in the city was created and is utilized.
  • Which IT tools, such as GIS, will be employed for drainage system operation.
  • How the collected data from the monitoring system will be used for proper operation.
  • What benefits the implementation of a comprehensive and intelligent stormwater network management project brings to the water management entity.

Once again, we cordially invite you to participate in these highly practical workshops. Please come prepared with a positive attitude and suitable clothing for the weather because even if it rains, the activities will take place in the field!

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